Ruslan Lazuta

Ruslan Lazuta

Dear subscribers! My name is Ruslan Viktorovich Lazuta. I am the founder and leader of the most famous and popular in Kazakhstan Public Association "OSA" protecting the rights of CARS. Opening my channel on KZworld, I want to satisfy your curiosity by showing you what I do and enjoy in my free time. For me this channel is a hobby and it replaces my home album. Someone collects stamps, someone breeds fish, and I take off the vidos about what I like and what I want. It is on my channel that I will share my thoughts and ideas with you.

If you are interested in learning something about me or finding out my opinion about an event, write in the comments to the videos ... Subscribe to the channel, like and share videos with friends!

ATTENTION: for obscenities and insults BAN will immediately follow. Authors of advertising posts and SPAM will also go there to the BAN.

For haters! Do not try to spoil my mood with insults - I have a strong immunity to this!